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2022 Duel in the Desert

TUCSON, AZ | The last leg pf the 2022 Duel in the Desert is right around the corner and is heading back to Tucson, Arizona this October 21st - 23rd! Registration is now open for the Tucson Quarter Midget Association (TQMA). Visit the Tucson Quarter Midget Association's website today to get registered.

Duel Championship Weekend Schedule\

Thursday 10/20 :

12pm - 10pm - Parking

Friday 10/21:

10am - 6pm - Controlled Practice

4pm - 6pm - Sign In/ PIll Draw

6:30pm - TQMA Invites you to dine at the track!

Saturday 10/22 & Sunday 10/23:

9am - 9:30am - Track Prep

9:30am - 10am - Drivers Meeting

10:15am - Heat Races Start


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