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An Inside Look: Arrive and Drive at Honeybrook Speedway

When Jennifer Snyder saw an ad on Facebook about an event called “Arrive and Drive” that allowed her kids to get behind the wheel of real Quarter Midgets, she signed up for it on a whim. Her two kids, Landon and Dustin, ages 7 and 5 respectively, had absolutely no racing experience, but that was all about to change.

Arrive and Drives can be found at NASCAR Youth Series short tracks all around the country, and are perfect for kids who want to get into the world of Quarter Midget racing and see if it is right for them.

Snyder's local track, Honeybrook Speedway located in Glenmoore Pennsylvania, allowed kids to make 20 laps for only $20, all they needed to bring were some sneakers and the rest was taken care of. Both kids were fitted in fire suits, helmets, haans devices, and gloves to make sure they felt safe and were safe in the cars.

Her kids loved it and wanted to start racing all the time.

“After the ‘arrive and drive’ we started researching cars, and after many phone calls and texts from local community members we found two cars,” Snyder said.

Not only that, Mike Kelly, President of Honeybrook Speedway, invited the Snyder family over to his home to show them the cars and teach them about racing.

Now her kids are enrolled in a rookie program and are learning the ropes from a passionate volunteer named Dan Lane.

“He has been running the rookie school for 16 years as a volunteer because he truly loves the sport of racing and pouring it into the next generation. He is patient, kind, and quick to address any questions or concerns about safety gear, cars, racing, and more,” Snyder said.

"The NASCAR Youth Series loves Arrive and Drive events like this one at Honeybrook Speedway" stated Ben McFarland, Series Director for the NASCAR Youth Series. "Events like this are the perfect entry point for young kids wanting to try out racing. It's easy and low cost, and gives them the opportunity to learn foundational knowledge and skills behind Quarter Midget racing before they even purchase a car".

Because of the Arrive and Drive programs nationwide, Snyder’s kids, and many like them, have found a new passion they will enjoy for years.

Looking for an arrive and drive near you? Check out the NASCAR Youth Series club finder at


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