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Empowering Future Female Champions: The Fab 4 Racing Program Expands to NASCAR Youth Series

Empowering Future Female Champions: The Fab 4 Racing Program Expands to NASCAR Youth Series

Car IQ, in collaboration with the United States Auto Club (USAC), is excited to announce the expansion of the game-changing Fab 4 Racing Program into the NASCAR Youth Series. Recognizing the challenge faced by female drivers, Fab 4 Racing works to give young women the resources they need to compete, and thrive in the ultra-competitive world of motorsports and beyond. The forthcoming expansion into the NASCAR Youth Series will help to not only spotlight these amazing racers at the highest level of racing, but will bring young female motorsport drivers into the public eye at a level rarely seen before. 

Kevin Miller, President and CEO of USAC, stated, “This expansion is about providing a tangible goal for young women in racing. USAC is dedicated to fostering an environment where women can compete, excel and serve as inspiration for upcoming generations of female racers.”

The inaugural Fab 4 Racing Program for NASCAR Youth will honor four distinct championships, each catering in different age groups and on different racing surfaces. These categories will include: Dirt (Ages 5-9), Dirt (Ages 10-17), Pavement (Ages 5-9), and (Ages 10-17). Each division presents a unique opportunity for talented young drivers to showcase their talents, and for the world to see the skill and determination of women in racing . 

Car IQ, the driving force behind this visionary program, continues to emphasize the importance of fostering racing excellence as well as encouraging overall development for the young women competing. Winners of the Fab 4 Racing Program for NASCAR Youth are selected based on their track performance but also their school performance and community engagement. Sterling Pratz, the CEO of Car IQ, says, “We believe in providing a program that not only supports young women in racing but aids in their growth as leaders.”

The champion in each of the four divisions will walk away with personalized race suits, gloves and boots, along with a sum of fuel courtesy of Car IQ, providing support for their upcoming season.

The winners of each division will be announced on October 15, 2024 in Charlotte, North Carolina. For information on the Fab 4 Racing Program and its expansion into the NASCAR Youth Series, please visit the Fab 4 website at


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