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Honda 160 UT1 Engines will be legal at Local level only for 2023

All 160 Japan and Honda 160 UT1 (U T one) engines are no longer legal for USAC/NASCAR Youth Series sanctioned competition at National and Region levels. Honda 160 UT1 engines WILL be legal at the club level for the remainder of 2023. They will NOT be legal for any level of competition in 2024. This change was made aware to engine builders in mid-2022 and was posted to the website at the beginning of 2023.

This change is only for the Honda Light 160 and Honda Heavy 160 classes. The Junior 160 class does not allow Honda UT1 engines as outlined in the general class rules in the Honda 160 UT2 - Light 160/Jr 160 tech manual:

GENERAL RULES 1. Only stock Honda GX160 UT-2 HX2 engine and gearbox will be used in this class. All parts will be stock Honda specifically made for the Honda GX 160 UT-2. 2. The engine rules are identical for the Lite160 classes and the Jr 160 class with exception of the Jr 160 class must use the Gray restrictor plate (.549 Max diameter hole ).


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